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Sea Otter Savvy, 2020: Why Sea Otters Don’t Need Sunglasses or Swim Goggles

The Ethogram, 2020: In-air hearing in walruses

The MIT Press Reader, 2020: Are Humans the Only Musical Species?, 2019: Review of noise impacts on marine mammals yields new policy recommendations

Inside JEB, 2018: Decisive Sea Otters Distinguish Differences by Touch

LMR News Project Spotlight, 2018: Behavioral Assessment of Auditory Sensitivity in Hawaiian Monk Seals

Field Notes, 2018: The Sensory World of Sea Otters

Spider Magazine, 2018: You Otter Hear This

CBS News, 2018: Researchers Discover the Secret Lives of Elephant Seals

Lab Times, 2017: Listen to Your Rivals’ Rhythms

National Public Radio (NPR), 2017: The Rhythms of Elephant Seals

National Geographic, 2017: Elephant Seals Recognize their Rivals’ Voices

New York Times, 2017: The Rhythms that Make Elephant Seals Run or Fight

PBS NewsHour, 2017: Elephant Seals Recognize Vocal Rhythms to Avoid Bullies

60 North Science, 2017: Eavesdropping on Spotted Seals

Washington Post, 2016: This Sea Lion Grooves to Earth, Wind & Fire—and Science Shows She’s Got Rhythm

Quanta Magazine, 2016: The Beasts that Keep the Beat 

Pacific Standard Magazine, 2015: Seals take hearing tests–and offer insight into Arctic drilling’s impact on marine mammals

Washington Post, 2015: The mating game secrets and bloody rivalries of the giant elephant seal

National Geographic, 2015: Toxic algae causing brain damage, memory loss in sea lions

Nature, 2015: Toxin clouds sea lion memory

Science Notes, 2015: Call of the Beachmaster

Inside JEB, 2014: Spotted seal hearing impressive in air and water, 2014: Spotted seal study reveals sensitive hearing in air and water

PBS NOVA, 2009: Smart Marine Mammals: Expert Q&A

Living on Earth, 2009: Discovering Walruses


NY Times, 2008: Who is the Walrus?