Play Video Pinniped Lab is on PBS
Pinniped Lab is featured on PBS's NOVA Science Now. 10:52
Play Video Bearded Seal Underwater Hearing
Our young bearded seal Noatak performs an underwater hearing test at 6.4 kHz. 1:30
Play Video Vibrotactile Detection Test
Watch our harbor seal Sprouts participate in a vibrotactile detection task to help us measure the sensitivity of his whiskers. 2:11
Play Video Physiology and Health of Cooperating Arctic Seals
Watch as scientists, ringed seals, and bearded seals work together to learn more about the biology of Arctic species 4:20
Play Video Talking with Elephant Seals
Listen as graduate student Caroline Casey discusses ongoing bioacoustics research with northern elephant seals at their Año Nuevo breeding colony in California.3:04
Play Video The Chamber
Watch how acoustic experiments are conducted in "the chamber". 3:22
Play Video Ringed Seal Underwater Hearing
Our ringed seal performs an underwater hearing test at 800 Hz. 1:57
Play Video Spotted Seal Underwater Hearing
Our spotted seal performs an underwater acoustics task 3:10
Play Video Energetic Requirements of Ice-Dependent Seals
Our spotted, ringed, and bearded seals are helping us learn more about their energetic costs 4:33
Play Video Rio on Nat Geo Wild
A segment on Nat Geo Wild featuring our California sea lion, Rio. 3:20
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Spotted seal In-air Hearing
Spotted seal Tunu performs an in-air hearing test.

Play Video Rio
Our California sea lion enjoys some workout time in the pool between experiments. :25
Play Video Sprouts
Our harbor seal works with us in "the chamber", gets his teeth cleaned and ... 1:28
Play Video Burnyce
Our northern elephant seal participates in a routine health check :59
Play Video Sea Otter Hearing
Our southern sea otter works hard and gets rewarded with one of his favorite treats! 1:01
Play Video See Our Volunteers in Action!
Animal training, fish prep, and a little scrubbing! 1:04